Working together for understanding and development of Asia and Latin America.

Trabajando juntos por el entendimiento y el desarrollo en
Asia y Latinoamérica.

We are an organization that seeks to strengthen relations between Asia and Latin America, and contribute to the promotion and development of their countries.​

Our services are oriented to facilitate and ensure business between both continents.​

We have more than 15 years of experience in doing international business.​

We seek to be a bridge between both sides of the Pacific, through the cultural and commercial exchange of the two continents, and through our services increase the efficiency, profitability and security in the foreign trade operations of our clients.​

We have clients that support our experience in Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, El Salvador,
Panama and Costa Rica.


Our service for doing business in Latin America is oriented to all those companies that want to start or develop their businesses in these countries.

Latin America is a continent that offers many riches and opportunities to explore and develop, but also presents many particularities in cultural, economic and political spheres that sometimes make it difficult to address these markets.​

Our experience and presence in Latin America allow us to provide a value service for all those companies that wish to export to these markets.​ ​

We seek to bring you closer to this continent with our local vision and experience, in order to optimize the results and facilitate the sales work for you.

What does the service include?

  • Definition of your sales strategy in South America, knowing local culture and business style.
  • Preparation of sales material in Spanish: web page and company and product presentation.
  • Local telephone number in the selected country or a central phone number in Latin America, which will be attended by our operators.
  • Telephone and email reply in Spanish.
  • Digital marketing to promote your company and products: Google and Social Networks (Linkedin)
  • Publication in Latin American business portals.
  • Promotion through our clients and contacts in Latin America, company databases and our institutional website.
  • Organization and coordination of business trips to visit clients in Latin America.
  • Follow up of customers and operations.
  • Monthly import information report of the selected countries with all the import operations that were done: total
    imports, countries of origin, main importing companies, purchase volumes, prices, etc.
Benefits for your company:

  • Much effectiveness in generating business for your company.
  • Differentiation of other companies that do not have local attention for Latin American clients.
  • Direct contact in Spanish with clients and prospects.
  • Telephone and mail attention in Spanish.
  • Attention in South America work time.
  • Presence in the Internet in Spanish.
  • Direct understanding of the Latin American culture and market.
  • Cost and time savings for your company, we take care of sales and you just pay a minimum monthly fee.
Why working with InTrade?

  • Direct presence in Latin America.
  • Professional team with more than 15 years of experience in international business.
  • Knowledge of the local market, culture, business customs, negotiation style, logistics, preferences, etc.
  • For a minimum monthly cost you will be accessing an important line of services that will facilitate your business in Latin America and optimize results. Keep in mind that any business we generate will pay a full year of the cost of our services. Additionally you can show your company with a local presence in Latin America for very low fixed
  • Generally, there is an interest in exporting to other countries but there is neither time nor experience, nor the necessary knowledge, which is essential to be able to conduct successful business with other countries. Our company has been engaged in international business for 15 years and performs it professionally, allowing us to be your best partner in business in Latin America.

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Business in China

The importance that Asia has acquired is unquestionable. And it is estimated that by 2050 60% of the world economy will be developed in this continent. However, cultural, and idiomatic barriers make it difficult to do business with countries like China. Intrade Global Business services are designed to facilitate and ensure business in Asia.

Purchase of Chinese products

Our services are oriented to obtain the best supplier for you and your company, to verify the companies, negotiate terms of payments and documentation, also to control the quality of the merchandise before shipment, to manage consolidations and the necessary local logistics, and in general all aspects to contemplate to guarantee a successful purchase in China.

Export Promotion in China

China market represents an immense opportunity for any company, but entering these markets is really a challenge with many obstacles. Out services seek to bring you closer to potential customers, through knowledge of the market and distribution channels, custom regulation, preparation of promotional material in English and Chinese, direct contact with potential buyers and marketing through local digital platforms.

Business Trips to China

To complement the two above areas, we also offer our clients support for doing business trips to China, coordinating the logistics and supporting them in the contact with local companies.


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